Crystal Palace

There on the hill,
did you see it glitter?
That palace built of glass?
We made it together, me and her,
we built it on our own.

We danced around
on crystal floors,
we sang our songs
between those walls
and curled up together
behind gleaming doors.
listening to our eternity.

And the people watched
and the people said
be careful now,
the glass will break
and she and I, we only laughed,
we had more strength than that!
We would last ‘til the end of time
under the glittering ceiling filled with stars.

And so we danced and so we sang.
And so we laughed and kissed,
and spoke about forever.
The two of us in our crystal palace
just her and me, together

One day we danced,
someone jumped too hard –
I don’t know if it was me or her  –
but there it appeared, a crack in the glass
and our fingers intertwined more tightly
when we spoke about forever,
but our minds wandered
as we repeated tired words.

The crack became two,
then three,
then four –
the house was splintering
but we dare not leave.
We had promised forever and so
we stayed and prayed and let
our fingers twist together.

Until the house came crumbling down
and we were buried in its shards.
She held my hand  just one last time
and then I let her go
as I sank below the splinters
out of sight of her.
For all I know she was sinking too,
she’d been swept so far away.

There on the hill,
do you see it glitter?
Those shards of broken glass?
We built it together, me and her,
it was supposed to last forever.


About abigailbaross

Writer and aspiring publisher
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1 Response to Crystal Palace

  1. Pink Woods says:

    This is so beautiful and touching.. makes me feel so sad. 😦

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