Constant Refrains

Sit still, look pretty/
give us a smile, love.
You look nicer when you smile anyway –
well, just pretend you mean it then

Put on make-up, do your hair up.
Pink lips, blemish-free
(they want you to be made up,
become their work of fiction).
Sit still, look pretty/
laugh at the jokes they make about you.
learn to take a joke, love.

Just sit still and look pretty/
don’t dress like a slut,
have some self-respect!
(at least, it’s what they say they want)
A bit of cleavage wouldn’t hurt –
how about a tighter skirt?

Don’t argue (sit still and look pretty)
just smile and catch their eyes.
Wiggle your hips as you walk,
laugh at their boring jokes,
remember to smile when they pass.


About abigailbaross

Writer and aspiring publisher
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